February 7, 2010

Home is where your heart is.....

I've been recently relocated to Pune. And now I am missing my home very badly.At some point of time I somehow feel bad that I've been missing my family badly and my home.Sister,Amma and Appa used to be a signifant ingredient in my happiness and I have always shared everything with them.But now life has took a drastic change and guess what  I have the time to meet my family just  2 days not even two.Those 1.5 days of happiness with family members can't be compared to 5 days with friends. 
Life in Pune is super no doubt.Office ,Roaming,sight seeing@Symbiosis,Late night fun and stuffs has been wonderful. Hostel life is not new to me,but I am reminiscing my past Engineering days.I have a wonderful bunch of roomies who are also from my college.P,A,D,J,Sa,M and St. We are 7 of us.We tried hard to get a home in Pune.Roamed across the city for 4 long days.Slept in a hotel costing more than 6000.Ate rich quality food and traversed Pune city in all possible directions.But when I was in home Life was too good.I used to get everything.Everything processed and ready.But today scenario is somewhat different.Washing our own clothes,arranging your closet,polishing your shoes and stuffs has to be done at your own accord.I miss home and I could say that although I am at a different place,I've left my heart at my home.But no worries may be I come across someone who could get back my heart :P 

Any way guys have to  confess that I miss this place badly,Missed FB,missed all you wonderful bunch of guys.Artz,Sndy,Asbi,Leo,Mridu,Rash(i)/(mi), Nushu,AB,tAN,pRaTS,Sowmi,Anu and many more who make this place a paradise and a place where you could cherish and live.

Have a happy day ahead,
Love you all  :)) 

Stephen .Anthony 


  1. Interesting post Ste :) You'll like Pune soon enough! :)

  2. aww bro...cheer up! get settled there and then come back..its your home after all

  3. Steeeeeeeeeeee... I know.. how it feels to leave amma appa and stay :) But see the positive side.. you'l become MOREEEEEEE responsible now.. can be on your own :D


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