February 10, 2010


Dear Family,

The results of the Admin Selection Poll are out.

We feel extremely proud to welcome Freelancer and Princess Nuchu in our Admin Team. We thank everyone who voted for their favorite in the Admin elections.

As per the suggestions by our fellow members, we have tried a new template. However, you all would appreciate that it would be a little difficult for us to keep changing the template till we get to hear a collective 'yes' from all our members. We all can welcome this change in a positive way and try to cope up with it.

The snow-filled lounge contest is officially over and the results will be out by day after tomorrow. We apologise for the delay in announcing the same.


The Writers Lounge Admin Team


  1. Congrats FL and Nuchu! :)

    Welcome :D :D :D

  2. WHAT?!?!? ME IN ADMIN TEAM???


    Thank you guys!

    Who are those brave hearts , who voted for me?? ;)

    But, I still need to discuss about this shocking news with you guys.. AAARTHI... whr r u??

  3. Congratulations to the new admin members.. The new look is nice and refreshing. I agree that it might not feel like home .. but only in the beginning. I m sure once we all accept it and keep visiting here soon it will fell like home to us. After all home is where the heart is..

  4. hugs to the winners
    tc god bless
    all the best

  5. Congrats to the new Admins :)

    This template is very simple yet kewl :)

  6. congrats FL and nucchu
    and template is very nice

  7. Congrats mates...
    ... Hope you do a good job, and we all have high hopes on you :)


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