January 3, 2010


wrote it months ago but posting it now....cz its all same perhaps :

It was the night so cold,
my soul was frozen ,
i couldnt feel it inside,
inside me never.
Now the days r so hot,n the sun is being cruel
the tears turn to dust, n my eyes are drying forever
not ready to leap ,and m afraid to stay
trying to move on but m left behind
its now all mess here strain there stress
cant find my place in life..........
they jus pass by,one after one,
racing n rushing.cant they hold,

cant they stop,cant they see me on the edge?
wanna vanish into ash,wanto merge with the sky,
nomore i can bear,the pain, the loneliness.
mine mine all mine,all all all mine..
the darkness i hav possessed,is hiding me from me..
broken n shattered,i am still runnin around,
i run for the hope n i run for the truth
i run the life,m runnin for myself.
loafing for the change,without any cry,
gatherin all the pains with loadsa regrets,
i will soon disappear,
silent n alone,
for no one can hear my silent plea..

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  1. "i will soon disappear,
    silent n alone,
    for no one can hear my silent plea...."
    just loved it !!

  2. So So dark.......

    well I must say, one shud always fight with these moments in life...and it doesnt happen to one ....so there is nothing to feel odd...sooner or later we find the way out....

  3. hey is that u??
    the hair looks cooool :)

    nice write


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