January 14, 2010


The Girl at the middle of the night:

yeh dil bichhernay ka gham bhulaaye to neend aaye
zehan say tera khayaal jaye to neend aaye
meri seenay mein yaadon ki roshni hai
humaray andar bhi raat chaaye to neend aaye
najanay kyun ho rehi hai tanhaiyon say dehshat
jo aaj sab chaand doob jaaye to neend aaye
thakan say din ki meri badan toot ta hai
woh raat ko aa ker sulaaye to neend aaye
main aakhrii saans ko sambhalay huay khari hun
koi usay aaj sab bhulaaye to neend aaye
humein humaray udaas baaloon mein
woh phair ker ungliyaan sulaaye to neend aaye

The Boy, somewhere far from her:

kaash aysa ho, ke mujhe tu yaad kare
aur meri yaad tujhe sone naa de,
ek dusre ki bahon me bitayein hue wo haseen lamhe
tujhe yaad aye, aur sone naa de.

kaash aysa ho, ke main tujhe yaad ayun
har ahat pe tujhe lage ke main hun yehin kahin
har dhadkan se tujhe mere hone ka ahsaas ho
aur wo ehsaas tujhe saari raat, sone na de.

tere ankhon me base hue hain, jo mere khwab
tu unko palkon taq aane kyon nahi deti,
tere dil me mujhse milne ki hai jo junoon
tu use haqikat me badalne kyon nahi deti?

kyon nahi kehti ke tujhe bhi mujhse pyar hai?
kyon nahi kehti ke ye duriyaan tujhe bhi tadpati hain,
bilakti, sulaghti hogi tu bhi mere judaai me
apne aap ko mujhme samane kyon nahi deti?

kaash aysa ho, ke tu yaad kare wo haseen pal
jo humne saath guzare the, ankhon ankhon me
wo din jo jhilmilaye the kabhi apne saath
wo raatein jo humne bitaye the, baaton baaton me.

kaash aysa ho, ke mujhe tu yaad kare
aur meri yaad se teri ankhen bhar ayein
bhari ankhein ho jaaye bojhal humari sapno se
aur tu soye. jaagna na pade tujhko aur raaton me...

Well, the above two poems are written by two different people. The first half is written by one of my colleagues - Shruthi. And the response from the boy was done by me. The thoughts put in while composing the two pieces were very different from each other and the poets never knew each other's thoughts. I am happy that the poems could be linked together. And I'm sure, you have had a good time reading them...


  1. bahut badhia tan
    great improvement in ur hindi

  2. Thanks Chiraag :)
    I always look for your comments when I write in Hindi, you know...
    happy u liked it

  3. nice Tan...dis b'ful write reminds me of song 'Khawab ban kar koi ayega to need ayegi..'..

  4. read a nice hindi poema fter soo long !! really njoyed it :)

  5. aah tan da...superbo!

    where are you all these days?? come back to the lounge

  6. It is good and nice thougt... Shruthi quite few goos words. did nt expect that much from you in hindi. you rocked... :)


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