January 15, 2010

Me a part of Thee

i am a laughter out of cry
i am a truth out of lie
i am joy , i am spark
from the sorrow from the dark,
i am sublime, i am immense,
m supreme, infinite
m forever m the light.
i am clear i am pure,
out of rust and out of stain.
from those dead cold ashes i am life again


  1. I always thought ash is hot!! BURNING!!!

  2. I love the first two lines!! The way you put words together is so lovely, very inspiring!

  3. yup...the last line was d most impressive one...gr8 one...

  4. neautifully written - pls share the link of ur personal blog - I would like to follow u - this work was very good!!

  5. pulkit.tiwari@gmail.com is my mail ID ...pls do let me know ur blog link...yaad se... I shall be waiting!

  6. i loved the last line.. !!! beautiful... :)!!


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