January 6, 2010

Hulla Bol..!!

I wonder what all the Mumbaikars, who have lost their loved ones or near and dear ones in this recent terrorist attacks that befell Mumbai, feel when they see Ajmal Kasab and his on going trail. I mean lets face it, Kasab is right now the most safest man in India. Even though jailed and all.
And I don't understand why, government of India bothers with him. Extracting information about a killer I guess is unnecessary. he is'nt going to talk and he is going to come up with every new stories his lawyer can think off.
I think we should enforce capital punishment and just hang him to death. Or even better gas him.

I am sure people, who seek justice, are enraged that its almost been a year and Kasab is like a celebrity occupying the front page from time to time. Its time we wake up and give the justice that people deserve..!

Don't you think its time we do something about this? I mean I know, easier sad than done. But don't you think its time we toss that cliched line away and do something? It time we wake up and demand the justice we so ardently seek.


  1. Well.. there should be no justice, no human rights for terrorists..
    Just hang the b@$#%^&&

    Sometimes, you feel, there ARE benefits of a Totalitarian system.

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  3. Good things about us - we have inherited good laws and we make good laws...

    Bad thing about us - we just dont enforce them.


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