January 7, 2010

Hello family

First of all my sincere apologies for whatever happened.TWL was created by Asbah,Sandeep and me 2 years ago with a hope that this will be a place ,a common platform for like minded people.And yes thats the same reason behind creating this community. We have had several good writers in this place and this is what really makes us proud and happy. I agree this is a family of writers and we 98 odd live together in this paradise as a family group of people. Tiff and fights are a part and parcel of a family. I never knew some one would make it public .Never mind this is not the time to discuss such things .Its a new year and I bet new year shouldn't start with a sad note. Lets clear off all the shades of all those things happened last year and start a new season,a new year at the Lounge. It was at its peak during March to May.Numerous posts were written almost every month.But its sad that people have stopped visiting here. Its a sincere request to all members to keep this place active. Remember that this is a family and if you want to keep your family alive,its just in your hands. As a responsible member of this blogging group, lets take an oath that we would keep this place active. My thanks to all regular and old members Artz,Arun,Nush,Rashmi,Abhra,Prats ,Meow,Arjun,Chirag,Shraddha,Amity Me,Arv and to all the new comers .I invite all the new comers in TWL on behalf of Sandeep and Asbah. Guess what ? Ste is back ,so is Sandeep and Asbah will be soon. So lets make it big. Thanks a lot for the lounge reformation post and I can assure that Vinay will be back soon.

Love you all,

we read.we write. we lounge.


  1. Now, this is what I wanted.

    Thank you Ste...!

  2. As always, WL rocks :)

    Thanks dude :)

  3. nautanki saala
    i cnt find my name anywhere there...main kya newcomer hu???

    welcome back bhai
    and yea..stop toking over the fone late nights :)

  4. i am always in...

    i can assure Amity will be back too as soon as she feels confidant enough..

    get Leo back...because we were here due to his efforts...if he his gone ..we feel our anchor is lost..

  5. thanks likhetu for coming back
    i will start posting after 1 month that's my exam


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