January 7, 2010

Walk On

I had travelled long and far to reach these highlands over many a nights. After a night’s rest and as the much awaited morning approaches, I lay in the dim twilight on the soft grass surrounded by total silence. The dawn was upon the highlands as I strode to the nearby loch for a splash of cool water on to my face. I rose up and stood tall, setting my gaze over the edge towards the high skies awaiting the first mild rays of the sun.

The cold air around starts to warm up slowly and the light breaks through to cast a weak shine on the still waters. The warmth proves to be an illusion as a thick fog rolls in and the air gets moist with that usual morning drizzle. I rest over a ledge to take in the freshness and the scent of the air around me.

A distant noise breaks the silence and the sound waves seem to get closer by the minute. It’s a familiar sound of someone walking gently with soft footsteps. As the sounds get too close for that person to be near me, I felt a hand touch my shoulder; a gentle touch of love. All my life I had travelled to reach this place and to be with her; I’m home but only in my dreams.

And so the journey, in my real life, heads into another night after a day of interesting travel. See you at daybreak.


  1. hope your drean to go to this place and meet her comes true

    beautiful vivid description of nature!


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