December 28, 2009

Miss You !!

Thoughts which are going through their mind...

He : Why do you still visit my profile?? Whenever i tried to forget u...your name on my recent visitor reminds me about u n you know what deep inside my heart it hurts when i saw your status message for any hurts when i don't look my profile in your friend hurts when i read my testimonial which i wrote for you a month back when we were really great friends...but apart from that it hurts more when i saw your name but not any message or a single scrap...what does it all mean?? You still cares about still think about still want to know how I am??

She : I miss you my friend...i want all those days back when we used to chat and had a great time...when we used to fight with each other...the days when I cares for you a lot...But now things has changed...You and I are no longer Friends...But I can't help myself for visiting your profile once in a while....Ya, I still care about you... can't even forget you...because you was the one who always makes me smile...can't we become the same good Friends it important to be committed?? Is it important to having a love relationship...I hate this Love because of which I have lost my sweet friend..Dear Friend, I miss you but I miss my own smile more....

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