December 28, 2009

Amity's Blog Makeover

A quick hello to everyone!.
Amity very kindly gave me the administrative rights for her blog.
I changed the template with a premade free template.
Its magnificent!
I love it!
Hopefully Amity loves it as much as i do.
Do visit Dreams are my reality and leave your kind encouraging comments!

Things that i did:
1.Burnt the feed to feed burner hence the coolest( yes coolest) subscribing icon on left works!!!

2.Added Meta Tags :
Now I know why Carma Sez was saying the meta tags made through submit express don’t work on new blogspot templates..
If you want to see the code that i added for Amity, just see my blog.I am unable to post it on blogspot here!!!

3. Decluttered her Sidebar ( that she used to love but i hated…so i surprised her and did not tell her before of my evil intentions !! ) and added pages on to her blog.
So it has
About Me (which links to her blogger profile)
Awards ( this page decluttered her side bars the most )
4. The template had a problem where right bar did not have the ‘add a gadget‘ provision
Also recent posts and recent comments widget were locked and were not looking good

So i manipulated the html a little.Adding these few words added ‘add a gadget‘ feature on right hand bar too! Again, i am unable to post it here...but if you are curious ....check out this blog post on my blog!
5. I changed the background color of flag counter and do not copy copyscape widget to suit the blog template!
I tried adding the really cool ‘Blogumus’ 3D tag cloud to her side bar but was not successful and i got distracted by my own needs!End result: i added the widget on my blog @The Self Love Project!!! LOL!
That is all folks! I am absolutely thrilled with how her blog looks now!
Happy New Year to all!!!


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