December 4, 2009

a white christmas

There was something different about Anya. Everyone noticed it. She was plain. Her eyes seemed almost empty, sad. Like she was always thinking. She spoke only when spoken to and generally in a syllable or two.

Today, when every other child in her home was getting ready. New people were coming. There was hope that one of them would get a home, a proper one with a mommy and a daddy.

Anya was 12. Too old. No mommy-daddy would want a grown up child. They all went straight to the nursery to see the younger children. Though, most of them did bring sweets for all of them.

Mr and Mrs. C always wanted kids but couldn't have any. They finally decided to adopt and had come here. While walking toward the office, they passed the nursery and saw this little girl. Her eyes caught Mrs. C's fancy. She was drawn to them. She squeezed her husband's hand. He smiled and nodded. They spoke to the authorities and entered the nursery. Anya felt happy they were going to pick this child she had named Amy. They wanted to pick Amy.

What happened next neither Mrs. C nor Anya really remember. Anya found herself in the cold valleys and a family, with a little sister Amy. Her parents were really nice. They tried very hard to get Anya to open up. She spent time with Amy and played with her but that's it. She went to school but never made any friends.

One cold day, Anya sat on the porch with her coat on. She looked up at the sky. And a small snowflake fell on her nose. She was scared and amazed. She ran home and looked at Mrs. C holding Amy. She wanted to tell Amy but Mrs. C was there. Suddenly, there was thunder. Anya's emotions couldn't hold it any longer. She went and hugged Mrs. C. She didn't know why but she felt a comfort that she never had. Mrs. C was surprised but relieved. She kept the baby in the cradle and hugged Anya. The years of silence came tumbling back. Anya cried and she laughed and started talking. Talking about the snow that was slowly falling down. She spoke about her new school and her teachers there. She spoke like she had never spoken before. And it was truly a white white Christmas.


  1. sometimes its just a hug that can make people feel at home and open up. sometimes its only the hug that gives you confidence. and sometimes its only the hug that tell you how much love one has for you.

  2. good on M :)

    lovely take!

  3. heyii write well gurl...Gosh..loved what i have read so far...glad you dropped by my blog

    PS: What is the word count for??just curious

  4. Thats very nicely written. Though I thought it was incomplete but still it was good (Y)...

  5. Thank you thank you all! :D

    Word count is 397, Sulagna!


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