December 29, 2009



Twilight is one thing a girl would die for. Can any girl resist a guy like Edward Cullen ever? I mean okay, I have heard guys saying its not worth the hype and stuff. And how can I actually fall in love with a vampire. But the truth is I am not in love with the vampire. I am actually in love with the vampire and the werewolf both. It’s the love they have for bella. 

I was a bit late to start the twilight series. I thought it would be something like betraying my love for harry potter. But really,  harry potter is a different thing and twilight is a  different. And I am in love with both of them. 

The love between the vampire and a human is so cute. And imagine sleeping in his arms every night is such a wonderful thing. The way he cares for bella, I am really very jealous of that. wish I had someone like that. 

I am glad that I actually started the series, better late than never right? I am now half way through eclipse.. and I am loving it.


  1. AWEEEE! Love you for writing this babe :)

    Yup TWILIGHT rockzz... I haven't read HP yet.. and I don't think I will.. What say you?? ;)

    And Yeah, I wish too, to have someone like Edward and Jacob!

    I finished Eclipse and have given a break to Twilight Series. Breaking dawn is left! Reading P.S. I LOve you now :)

  2. oh it reallllllllllly vry good...I really wonder that EDward typs chrctr's trfic yaar..

  3. "The love between the vampire and a human is so cute."

    that's a bit freaky. If the pope heard you, he would have fallen on his own... without any help of a deranged women

    "And imagine sleeping in his arms every night is such a wonderful thing."

    that just makes me angry (and jealous though I'm saying that in bracket coz its supposed to be a secret)... there r enuf men in da world... too many (10 billion soon) and u still want a wherewold/vampire/magician-who-didn't-turn-18-yet


  4. Well if u dont mind just thinking, that yes there are many characters u like, but loving them so much would not make u unrealistic, i mean think when you get the real thing in life that would not be a vampire and then would you not get hurt if u get something totally opposite to what you are thinking, dont mind i was just thinking like this.

  5. Black and white characters rarely exist in reality. The mirror even though with a golden frame, speaks harsh truths especially when you focus it on the window.

  6. I think every guy is turned off by Edward Cullen. Even my ex boyfriend used to get pissed off when I spoke about him. Although Ed being an work of fiction, he still was plain jealous. And mind you I said work of fiction. ( I will come to that later).
    All guys hate him. And I used to wonder why. And then I realised that Edward Cullen has raised the bar to even a higher level and all girls would love to have "Cullen factor" in their boyfriends trust me. Even I would. So for the guys, wooing girls being a difficult job has become strenous as girl swoon after Edward Cullen.

    And coming to the "work of fiction", Dont you think the authour of the book twilight series has designed Edward Cullen to perfection without any single flaw. Rich, very handsome, stylish, mysterious, loyal, caring and supernatural powers. Tell me wouldnt you want someone like that?
    And like they say, "nobody is perfect"..!
    But still we re all allowed to dream and fantasize right? :-P


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