November 13, 2009

Girl in the rain

There’s a girl in the rain
Hiding tears and her pain
I keep wondering
Who’s she?

Her hair is wet
She looks so great
I wish we’d met

She looks here and there
With eyes full of scare
There’s none around her
She’s alone.

I see through this glass
The distance between us
There’s a road I can’t pass
It’s jammed.

I can’t see her face
Amidst this menace
It’ll be real disgrace
If she leaves.

As she quiver
I step out of my car
And I walk towards her
In faith.

Seeing me come her way
She smiles at me, nay
She hurries away
In the rain.

Why would she just go?
I just want to know
Did she see me before?

There’s a girl in the rain
Hiding tears and her pain
I’ve a feeling within
That’s you!

...A dedication to myself and my beautiful wife on 12 years completion of our journey in love...


  1. that girl must be an apparition of your past love...:)


    this post, i like it really!

  2. Thank you people..

    And Thoorika, thanks for that 'Congrats' :D I wish it converts to 24, 36 ... 120 soon!!

  3. congrats to the beautiful couple. beautiful lines tan.. wish u a very happy many many years together.. always... :)

  4. Thanks Sona Ma'am :) Thanks a lot for the wishes...

  5. A beautiful Dedication for your love... As you wish it will become 24,36.... 120 soon :D and this is very cute..

  6. i nominated this lovely post for Avant grade Awards

  7. Thanks for the nomination... but what is this for?? What is the event for?? Please let me know about the same... thanks :)


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