November 4, 2009

Study of a lonely night

Rajiv had always been surrounded by people. In school his brother, in college more brothers. When he started working he was with friends too. Living in a huge house with many people. Although secretly Rajiv desired some privacy. He fantasized all the things he would do if he lived alone. How he would decorate his own little place, how he would host his very own parties. He imagined a lot of things but he forgot one major difference. Parties and get-togethers would not be daily. In fact they would be scarce. And his major time would be spent alone.

This was his first night alone at his new home. Indeed a great party just ended. Dancing, alcohol, music the place boomed with energy. Today it was very quiet. He sat down on the double bed and looked at the little lounge he had made. A pretty cute space, with cushions, a bar counter (small table, very small) and his new speakers. They stared back at him with mockery. As if daring him to use them all alone. He shifted again on bed. Scratched his beard. This was too silent. He flipped open his laptop and turned on the volume knob. Music filled the room.
He shifted again and made himself comfortable on the floor with the cushions. He went closer to the only speaking things in his room, the speakers. He shifted on the floor and then wondered if the bed would have been more comfortable. Called a few people. The weirdness did not go, but it was fading away. Alcohol maybe the savior. Who knew?

No sleep, he took out his guitar and started playing on top of the music. Did virtual solos which did not look that bad with the music already playing. He headbanged his way through the last peg. Finally Rajiv was exhausted. He packed the guitar, turned off the speakers and without a second thought switched off the lights.


  1. I was waiting for this to come !! finally you wrote tis .. and i definitely know u will write again.. telling how rajiv fell in love with the silent privacy !!

  2. 'I missed my son, he plays the guitar well'...:)

    he's back in college for the second sem...:)

  3. nice one Abhri..

    this was a fun to read..


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