November 4, 2009

"Where is the love?"

"I don't miss friendship.I miss love though."

I loved this line I picked up from a random blog ( The Grey confessions by Dev)

Its so true..and this line just made me realise my morals that have gone with the wind..I mean, literally..!
I could honestly relate myself to this. I remember a time when I was a people person. I used to find my fix in people, loved being around with them.
But in time I realised that I trusted people but not the devil inside them. They came as such disappointment to me.The more surprising fact is, you cant really blame them, coz someone right now maybe saying this same thing in reference to us.
So does that mean people are unintentionally selfish and downtrodden without even realising it, just like us at the end of the day..?!


  1. interesting write-up.. that got me thinking...

    yeah there's a devil inside each of us.. and there's God inside each of us too... there are times when the devil takes charge and people come out as ugly... you can't really blame a person... it's the situation that is to blame.. !!!

    and as far as trusting people goes... remember.. "believe everyone, trust no one...!!" lead a life without any expectations... do what you feel like but never expect in return and life will never be complicated for you...

  2. 'I don't miss love, let friendship be back', it's the best thing that ever happened between us, if love turns sour!!!

  3. I can relate to this somewhere .. but i still cherish my frnds :)

  4. this is so true!!!
    i agree..

  5. its a truth of today...we dont care much about other's feelings in our selfish needs...n da worst part is we cannot do nyth abt lets jus move on!


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