November 26, 2009

Snow Filled Lounge Contest(26th Nov- 20th Dec)

We have reconsidered the contest theme and this time we have decided to change the theme.Since its winter and christmas season,we feel glad to introduce the "Snow filled Lounge"contest .
The Writer's Lounge proudly brings to you, the members of this blog, another contest.

"Snow Filled Contest".

This contest is in English only and will be strictly based on prose category. The contest spans from today, 26th November till Sunday, 20th December. There shall be no extension of contest dates as was in previous contests so members are required to get in their entries well and early.


The rules and details are given below.

1) The central theme of the story is Winter.You can associate it with Christmas or any event.But the main theme is winter.
2) The story should not exceed more than 400 words. (Title doesn't count toward word count)
3) The story should contain a title and there should be an image associated with your story that should be posted along with the story in writers lounge.
4) At end the participant is expected to write the word count.

Terms and Conditions:
1) This contest is valid for the members of this community only.
2) Entries should be made on or before 20th December,2009.
3) Members can post multiple entries on the theme here. (Label them as "SFL Contest") But you will mail us only the entry which you want us to consider for the award. Email the story you want us to consider, by 20th December 2009, to with the story attached as an MS Word File along with word count of your entry. Entries in plaintext form will NOT be considered.
4) Please mail us the FINAL entry only. Once mailed, the choice CANNOT be altered.
5) The contest will be judged by a writer whose name will be revealed later.
6) The results will be announced by 5th January,2010 .
7) The winners name along with the 1st and the 2nd runner up will be announced.
The winner & two runnerup will get a badge from Writers Lounge.
8) Readers Choice Badge voting will begin after the closing of the contest. Please keep your choices ready!
9)Since WL blog could only accomodate 100 writers ,we have come with a new idea for writers interested to take part in SFL.We have 300+ members in WL-Facebook fanpage.We have a special category called "FB-WL-SFL" .People wishing to take part in RDL2 who are not a member of WL blog but are a member of WL-FB page can take part in it.You have to write a story on the theme which follows the constraints and mail it to category will be judged separately

Please refrain from posting other stuff apart from the stories for this contest till 20th December, 2009. We will be closing the lounge for general posts/rants during this time period. This is just to ensure that the contributions for this contest dont get lost and people who contribute get maximum support as well as dedicated readership. If anyone does want to notify other lounge members of a new post on their blog, please feel free to use the Shoutbox. We regret the inconvenience caused. We guess it should be a great experience reading different takes on snow . We are just facilitating the same and ensuring that your stories get read. A humble request to all talented writers here on writers lounge to try their hand and churn up a story for contest.

Writers Lounge Rocks! And you all make it rock! Cheers!!

WL Admin Team!

PS: Contest theme has been changed and members are requested to post stories based on the new theme.Sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. :P I drafted rain already... never mind, will change to snow :-)

  2. Hmm well its a gud change..

  3. i am really angry about this...

    i already had a great plot in my mind..


  4. chill guys..i hope you know i am kidding...

    i will post that one on my blog..

  5. I really see no reason to change the theme..."snow" is really a brilliant like who could of thought of such a theme...

    really sometimes I don't get u ppol!

  6. and you should open a summer theme contest during summer and autumn spring and likewise... great idea!!

  7. what qualifies someone as a 'member' of this community?

  8. Wow! That was something good...


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