November 30, 2009

P.S- Snow, for me is Grey..!!

Some kind of a realization dawned. He troubled his old muscles as he glanced up at the somber sky and scratched his chin- “It will only get worse.” His cheeks were sunken and hollow; his eyes depicted poverty. It was Christmas and he was at work; he poked at the far side of the grave with his spade and it split wide open.

I love Christmas, more so for the gifts that continues to flow into the next day, my Birthday. Adoring the season’s first snow fall outside my little window, I awaited my tenth birthday. My dad owns a bakery, my mom’s a school teacher. There’s another boy in my home; dad says he’s my brother. My mom's love towards me is infinite. I love her but I hate my dad. For two reasons- he gifts nicer things to my brother; He never talks to mom. Meanwhile, the snowfall intensified and I noticed mom. She sat in a corner, her eyes, as though set deep inside their sockets. I waited for dad as she sat still, dangerously still.

He cursed the relentless snowfall, which was making his job tougher. But he had to do it, for his living. His face appeared as though it had lived with pain as a constant companion. He leaned over his spade and started to dig again.

My mom hadn’t moved an inch, I got tensed. Just then my dad arrived. He surprised me with a hug and hurried towards mom and put his arms over her shoulder. Her head collapsed into his chest. For the first time I noticed a tear drop down my dad’s cheeks. He shook her face vigorously until finally mom moved. That relieved me; the snow outside appeared better now.

He finished his job of digging, covered his face with a scarf against the snow and waited impatiently.

Within a minute, I saw my mom burst into tears. My dad hugged her and brought her to me. My mom hugged me tight; she didn’t want them to put me into the coffin. I couldn’t hug her back, I couldn’t say I loved her, I couldn’t even cry. The snow turned grey to my eyes yet again.

I had to be taken to the graveyard; the old man was waiting. I made him struggle, but I made his Christmas. My parents, I love them. By the way, my name is Kevin.



  1. sooooo sad story...really a grey snow....

  2. Nice twist bro... awesome narrative... simple n intriguing..
    btw, the title is top notch... :)

  3. God it was CHILLING !!!

    first i thot mom died..the child dying..was a surprise....

    superb story

  4. Thanks Amity, Arun and Heena... :D

    Glad u liked it...


  5. awesome story fan!!

    superb narration! u r a maestro whethr its a thriller or humour...!

  6. starting with a ghost story..

    way to go...

    rock on loungers..

  7. @fan

    Thnks fan..... as always .. :D


    haha... i dont think this is a ghost story.. :P

    Thanks anyway... :)


  8. Enjoyed reading the story..good work.. Arjun.

  9. @Arjun

    Very nice twist yaar.

    @Saras, it wasn't me sir :)

  10. Good work.. u hold onto the mystery until the end..

  11. I liked the pattern of the story.... graveyard and kevin's story... very interesting... but very very sad :(

  12. hey... i really liked this one...'my snow is grey'... no better way of putting that




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