November 17, 2009

Ragas of Gitam... Part 4..

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The Chronicles Of My Love

Saddarma Sadan
Room No: G 51
The room was dark. The tube light in the room had some problem. A small bulb at one corner of the room was flickering due to voltage fluctuations. Rajesh opened the first page of the diary.

Have you ever listened to the rain drops pelting down in the dark? Have you ever looked at the morning sun rise through the window of your room? We chat on the internet with people who are thousands of miles away from us but do not even bother to wish our neighbours. We do research to find out what's going on in the Universe, but did we ever try to think about the feelings of our beloved ones?

Humans are selfish. This fact does not surprise me much. But what surprises me the most is this--- Why do they read others' diaries with so much interest, when there's nothing to gain from those?
Well... this is Shyam and welcome to my world of emotions...

January 6, 2006
11.08 pm

Life has many interesting moments in it. And, sometimes we need to preserve a few of them. Yes, I need to preserve today's moments... Let me put them all in black and white.. because it's not every time you go to the college on Sunday and meet a pretty young gal.. is Sunday and I've gone to college. I had some experiments due in the chemistry lab and Prof. Ramanadham had asked me to do them today. Yet I was happy 'cause he would not be there in the lab.
I entered the Chemistry lab. To my surprise, he was there. I looked for any other students in the lab. I couldn't find any. Now, that was horrible. His entire concentration would be on me.
With a fear in mind, I started doing the experiment.
I was mixing a solution with Sulphuric acid when I heard her sweet voice.
" Excuse me, can you give me the acid, please?"
I looked back. She was beautiful. I looked straight into her brown eyes with full attention. She was dressed in a white salwar kameez. I kept gazing at her eyes.
" Are you a Scorpion?", she asked while pouring a few drops of sulphuric acid into the conical flask.
Yes... I'm a Scorpion.. but how does she know that??
" Are you a Scorpion?" she asked me again.
" Yes... I am. But... but how do you know that?" I asked pouring a few more drops of the acid though not needed.
" Only Scorpions look at people like that ." She said giving a gorgeous smile.
"Oh! What are you then?" I asked.
"Gemini" She replied.
Now.. it's time to introduce myself... I thought.
"By the way... I'm Shyam."
"Oh! Nice to meet you, Shyam. I'm..."
"I'll kick your burette out" . We heard a husky voice and ... oh! It was Prof. Ramanadham's voice. He does not like guys and girls talking with each other. We immediately rushed to our respective tables and started pretending as if we were doing a research in the field of Organic Chemistry.
The cloud was dark out there as we completed the experiment and came out. The cool breeze touched me softly.
" So, you believe in zodiac signs?" I asked as we were walking towards the main gate.
" Yes... of course..I believe in them. Do you believe ? " she asked me.
" Well... I don't know whether I believe in them or not.. " I told her shrugging my shoulders.
It started to drizzle. A rain drop had fell on her nose, touched her lips and finally on the ground. How lucky it was !
We, immediately, rushed towards the car parking. There was no one in the campus.
One... it was Sunday and there was no one in the campus. Two.. it was a rainy day and three... we stuck up at a car parking... Wow! getting all the freaking ideas in the universe...
By the time we reached the parking, she was half wet. Now, she was gorgeous...
The very thought that I was spending a rainy day with a pretty gal was making me crazy.
I needed to start a conversation. Otherwise, she may feel my presence boring... But how???
" U know...people say that Gemini girls are great pals... But somehow, I can't get along well with them..." I said only to realise that I've spoiled the entire mood with my girls-don't-like conversation. No Gemini girl would like me saying like that.
She smiled and said " Hmmm..."
This was terrible. When a girl says like that, she means that she did not like what you say.
" So... you haven't told me your name...?" I said.
"Oh... I forgot.. I'm Shwetha" she said...
Rajesh closed the book.
"Shwetha" he said to himself... He heard this name somewhere. Many past incidents started moving in front of his eyes... His body was covered with sweat all along...
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