November 17, 2009

Ragas Of Gitam.. Part 3.. The First Kiss...

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He placed his arms around her waist. Her hands were already on his shoulders. She raised herself up,head tilted,while he was looking at her. They looked into each other's eyes before closing. He let his lips fall right into the place of her's. A touch, a feeling of peace and happiness which he wanted it to last forever. It was their first kiss. And it was perfect.
She felt his lips, so soft and so warm. He smelled of strength and masculinity. She remembered the lines from the movie "Hitch"

" Eight out of ten women think they will learn all they need to know about a man and where their relationship is going from the first kiss"

"Yes... it is one hundred percent correct", she thought.
She said 'no' to this man. She did not accept his invitation to come for a date on this cold night. And now, she was kissing the man of her dreams.
He raised his head and looked into her eyes and slowly came to her lips once again.
He felt her lips so tender and so sweet. He had never thought that this would happen in his life. He felt it so nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. He was enjoying the sensations he had never felt before. He had been getting everything he wanted. He felt that he was the happiest person on this earth as he heard the faint siren of the train coming.

He came out of his memories. He always remembers the first kiss whenever he is alone. It changed his perspective towards relationships.
The train was tearing through the night. He was standing on the track. He took a deep breath and looked straight. In just few more seconds, the train would hit him. There would be a small column in the newspapers about his suicide. People would read it enjoying the morning coffee and forget soon after reading it. There can be a scrolling in the news channels in an hour soon after his death.
By this time, most of the people would not have slept, but majority of them would have been trying to sleep. Modernization made us insomniac. So, he would be entertaining them in an hour.
The train was fast approaching him in a gentle motion. No... The death was fast approaching him in a gentle motion. He remembered Rajesh, his roommate and Shwetha...
He closed his eyes...Few more seconds and the train would hit him.
Suddenly, he was pulled aside by someone. He fell on the rocks beside the track. The train was moving away on the track beside him....

               (To Be Continued)

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  1. Awesome man.

    I absolutely hated this line though: " She was the heart throb of the guys in the college and now she was in his arms."

    As a suggestion only, but if you can remove this line, this was an awesome text.

  2. Thanks a lot Varun for your suggestion. Removed it...

  3. Thanks Varun.. I've edited the part. thanks for the suggestion..


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