November 15, 2009

Ragas Of Gitam... Part 2.. The Diary...

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Saddharma Sadan ( GITAM's Boys Hostel),
Parking Lot

  " Fagging in the cold night is fun, isn't it?" Ram asked him.

    Rajesh nodded at him taking the already burning cigarette from him and took a puff.

"So, how's Shyam? I haven't seen him for days." He said.
"How would I know? It's been two days since I saw him.", He said flicking the ash on the ground.
" Okay dude. I gotta go now. Good night" He said and disappeared in the dark.  Rajesh  took  few more puffs and started to his room. He was thinking about Shyam all the way.

Shyam and Rajesh were childhood friends. They considered it to be a  fortune to get admission in the same college, of course, in different branches. They shared each and every moment of their lives with each other.
One fine morning, Shyam  said to Rajesh that he had fell in love with a gal in his branch. In the evening,he said that the gal had accepted his love. People say that those who were in love always neglect studies. But surprisingly, he topped in the class after that. Slowly, he became busy. There were only two things he used to do in the hostel. One is studying and the second one is talking with her over the phone.
"I'm lost ra", He told Rajesh two days back. 

 He could not understand it. He asked him about it but he said that he would tell him in few days. That's the last time he saw Shyam.

With these heavy thoughts in mind, Rajesh entered into his room. He sat in front of his computer and started playing a LAN game.
Soon, he lost a game. With great disappointment, he hit the table. Suddenly, a book fell on the ground from the table.

 He looked at it and surprisingly, it was a Diary....Yes, it was Shyam's diary. He took it and kept it on the table. He knew that reading other's diary is a bad idea. He started playing the LAN game again. But this time, he could not concentrate on it. His eyes were still on that diary. He could see its pages flickering. On one of the pages, it was written in big letters....

" Don't ask her to love you"

" If you remember her, just read your class books or listen to some good music"

Now, these sentences raised his curiosity. His hands stopped listening to his mind. They were picking that book......

                                                                              ( To Be Continued...) 
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