November 1, 2009

Pucliar LOVE!

‘ I can not live without you , take me with you’ she hugged him he kissed and they happily lived ever after..
Perfect ending? to a love story No! well that's what they give it when it comes to great writers and director/ movie makers but in my case after a kiss this all started I am Aleena , you can surely call me lena and this is my story;
I am an Asian living in England for past 1 year with my husband. We got married a year and 3 months back and then I came here with my hubbee, he doesn’t like me working so all I have to do is stay at home and wait for him till evening. I don't understand why Asians want a sexy babe as their girl friend but for marriage thing they need a homesick girl educated but simple, up to date but not fashionable. Sigh! these double standards and male chauvinism, I am quite sick of it. I did my Bachelors in Engineering and sometimes I really curse myself about getting married so soon. Mostly when I see good salary packages on ad’s in newspaper. Still I ask myself why I married ( a question that was in my mind since I knew my parents lives together because they are MARRIED, the only thing which is changed in the statement is I as now I think why I GOT MARRIED ) . But this doesn’t mean my husband is not good, he is a honey bee , really take cares of me like a delicate piece of God, loves me like crazies but still there are few things that I need a part from these. And this list I can never tell him because once I did and his excuses were way to big then my little, innocent wishes.

I want babies, now listen to his reply ‘ Oh but I don't want one not even in near future because I already have one ’ a kiss on my cheek and that's sit..

I want to work, perfect answer ‘Why you want work honey pie while I am working already for you’ a pinch on my nose.

I want to make friends go on outings ‘Darling ! you know we don't know people here, they have different standards of living you won’t be able to cop up with them. And apart from this I do take you on outing OK OK why don't we plan an outing this weekend what say?’

I still remember those nights when we used to talk whole night. We promised each other that we will provide each other maximum space that we can. Were those promise were made to be broken only ? I was so proud to have him that my friends in University used to hoot me a lot due to my day dreaming and claiming every other person resembling him. =D I laughed with tears in my eyes. Yes I agree memories play a confusing role as when we remember the good ones we cherish them with smile on lips and tears in eyes and when we remember the tough or bad ones we have a laugh . Hey I got to go my husband is about to arrive any minute and he will be hating if he saw me using net instead of waiting for him ( these men ! *Sigh* ) …

To Be Continue..

- illusiOn ~


  1. ugh..i hate men who do not let their wife work..

  2. thats sooo true... and when you say about they want hot sexy girls as girlfriends but a homely girl for marriage. i soo agree with that!

  3. I so loved to see you abck writing .. and you knwo how much i admire your work !!

  4. ‘ I can not live without you , take me with you’ she hugged him he kissed and they happily lived ever after...:)

    this is dreamy, huh!

    i've told this not once, not twice, but many times with a man i so dearly loved, but there's no happy ending, non-fairy tale at all!!! hu hu hu!!!

    "illusions are a common thing", i would not want to live in dreams anymore!!!


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