November 1, 2009

Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind !

Saturday, Sunday ! UK is closeeeeeeeddd !! closed to the
extent that u can get a bulldozer and raze the entire street,
destroy peoples property but they wont do jack....
Call a chinese ' Yo Chinx' and he would not care,
WHY? Because they are on a ruddy holiday,
'no work days' are totally fanatically adhered to!

During this part of the month, u have to keep a
can of coke in the refrigerator to warm it up as room
temperatures can give an ‘i am nesting inside the AC feel’

So sitting in the room and nothing better to do i open my blog,
and start reading from the new stuff towards the old and
realise what a bloody ultimate pussy I was !!

I wrote poems on how sad i felt, how my mental state kept going
from Europe to Africa in no time, how i hated some bitches but
passed on the message subtly through my blog, how i kept
taking everything in a positive manner when black and white
was right in front of me, how i kept reliving in the past like
an old tape recorder which only played 'sob sob' kinda bull,
wrote shit on how God took revenge on my behalf
but still how much of a nice guy i was to feel
‘oh so bad’ about it, even enrolled newton, timberlake
and captain planet as serial killers!
Class A dickhead :|

Thinking about it now I am in splits, no no don’t get me wrong,
revenge was brilliant but ‘feeling sad about it’ ?
LOL ! _!_ feel great about it, infact get the swords out again!
KOS all the Nigga's n burn the gaystation too.
Holla me if u need multiplayer help.

And and was I into 0-800-Helpline or what,
"Oh if u need any help, let me know..oh i'll always be there for you".
Doofus raised to N
U ll need more help if u let me know what u need help for ! :P
Meant it then but now after sales service is out!

Fucking hell, should have might as well made a community of
'Ronny's social service' on orkut and started posting there,

If u don’t get treated the way u want to be, attention you
deserve, the first thing u should do is ‘delete user’ !!
And if someone is feeding you statements like
‘Oh i have to resist you, U DONT GET WHY ? because i still
like u, u wont understand and shit’

GHANTA, Consider it as no more than some Chinese gibberish u
heard on the way to Uni.
E-mail microsoft and ask them to design an option where in such
crap gets directly unloaded to the recycle bin even without touching
the hard disc for the idea of not spreading the ‘ying yang’ virus !

“Yaar Nazar nahi aaata, Ghar baar nazar nahi aata, Sansaar Nazar
nahi aata, Jab pyaar hota hai” !
Please please for petes sake tell me u ll get your cataract operated
before your THE last words are.
'Ab Bacha kya'?, Moron :|

No one should rule our mind except OUR MIND, PERIOD !
Ignorance is not only bliss its healthy, wealthy and wise too
along with keeps the doctor away :P
This is your life and its ending one minute at a time - Fight Club


  1. quite a strong voice of the write.. but i could bot agree with everything here... neway.. some points did hit hard !!

  2. are seriously! i am glad you rule your own mind!

  3. Ps @ I was a dick before and responsible for my own mistortunes :)

    Like i have a saying: The person who came between my dreams and me was me!

    Shraddha@ yeah stress's out !
    Breath in, breath out: fresh oxygen \m/

  4. \m/ way to go bro! \m/

    me in fr multiplayer action too! :P :P :P


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