November 24, 2009


Driving skills are indeed a blessing, not only to the driver himself but also to others who use the Freeways / Highways. Apart from the poor maintenance of good roadways resulting in lack of proper sign boards to warn against hazards, unexpected potholes in the middle of the road the indiscipline of the drivers add to our woes. Yes, I am talking about those who seldom put their high beams into low beam and have scant respect for the signal. Fortunately the excellent construction methods in USA, like providing a raised divider between the two sides of traffic prevent the headlight beam from hurting the eyes of driver coming from the opposite direction. Also the number of flyovers in USA make driving a pleasure through the vast expanse of the country. The situation in other developing countries, like India is far from satisfactory. I actually detest driving on Highways after sunset. The commercial vehicle traffic begins late in the evening and last till morning making driving a very dangerous exercise. Whenever I planned a trip between the metros in India (Short journeys between 400 to 600 KMs) I used to start Early morning at 5AM so that by the time I hit the freeway it is daylight and complete my driving by 2PM. This way I could relax for the rest of the day after having my Lunch.

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  1. Very true, can corroborate this via my experience in Finland, though I didn't drive myself I really enjoyed being in a car traveling seamlessly at greater than 100km/h, thanks to amazing highway system they have.


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