November 10, 2009

The Gray Day

It was the gray day today. So chilly when I got up. Sound of rain splattering outside. It took me 30 minutes to roll out of bed. Too much rum was affecting me I guess. Thoughts of a bath made me shiver. I needed to buy a blanket soon. Bangalore was unnervingly changing. I lit my cigarette , the last one I saved for the morning.

Ring Ring. Did not expect anyone in the morning.

It was my neighbor. She looked 4-5 years older to me, a little on the stout side. I blinked at her. She was in a good mood today. She never talked to me so I suppose she was in a good mood today.

“I made breakfast for you”

My head was all heavy and I smiled weakly.

“I might get late for office you know”

“Even I need to go… so just come over and have something”

She made good breakfast and she was smiling all the time.

“Are you very happy today?” I asked.


“Hmm, good to share the joy”- I commented.

When I finished eating, she took my plate and smiled again at me.

“If you don’t mind, we can have dinner together and watch a video. I am really in the cooking mood today”- she said.


“It’s ok if you have something else”

“Do you have an extra blanket?”- I asked.

She was obviously surprised. “Yes I do”- she said anyway.

“Oh nice, it’s just gets chilly so I asked. Sounds, good. Been a long time, since I curled up, in the cold, inside one. See you”


  1. H;

    nice neighborhood in just the right time huh!


  2. Such a lovable neighbor huh??? lolz...

  3. :) seems like you are enjoying yourself.... good...


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