November 10, 2009

5 Days Late- Happy Birthday Sona aka My Lovely Mummy!

In this post I would like to wish a very happy birthday to my mum, Sona! She is not a member here, although she has been asked to join! She reads most posts and always tries to comment if she has time! She loves reading at this place...

Leo, Ste, Cilla, Freelancer, Aarthi, Prats, Tan and more all know her...
If you're wondering why this post is 5 WHOLE DAYS LATE then it's cause I have been ill recently :(
Happy Birthday Mum!
I hope you had lots of fun
On your special day!

That was a haiku!

Happy Birthday!

I know she will be very happy to get a post here on her favourite blog!

Love from
roshwrites aka Roshni


  1. Hi Miss Lightt Roshni,

    belated happy birthday to your Mom...:)

    and please get well soon....:)

  2. Happy B'day to your mom :) Take care of your health too :)

  3. Rosh, what a wonderful surprise. love u loads.. god bless u my chukkers.
    Thank you all for ur kind wishes.


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