November 10, 2009

The Gray Day (Part 2)

On the request of some friends I had to present the spicy part

Strangely that day at office I was a bit excited. I hardly could concentrate on any stuff. Few times I reminded myself all that happened was that my neighbor called me to watch a video and have dinner together. But yes, the location of my house, no one but us, rainy and chilly day, it was a bit sensual. Ok it was sensual enough to get me worked up. And I don’t even want to mention what I was getting all day at office.

I reached around 7 30. I was a bit early, awaiting eagerly my neighbor’s call. Waiting I don’t like and specially when you are waiting for a female who wants to give u dinner on a gray day and God knows what colour of night. I almost dozed off when her voice rang outside the door.

“Hey sorry dearie was a bit caught up with work”

Wow, dearie, she loves me already.

“Not a problem I reached a minute ago too” I lied.

“Let’s get something to eat from outside only, I am tired”- she stated.

“Yes we need all the energy we can save”- I blurted out.


“I mean it’s a err umm joke for planet conservation or stuff..just sounded cool..hehe”

“You are funny dearie”

“Really? Hehe”

“Don’t stand grinning there like a girl and go get something to eat, I’ll change by that time”

I strutted off. Got some stuff from the nearest food point and came straight back.

“Wow! You are fast”

“I don’t like to waste any time”- I grinned.

I could see some red on her cheeks.

“Hey did you get my blanket”

“No dearie we just have to share mine”

Things were now really looking great. I waited for the movie to start. We were watching London Dreams. Not suitable at all for the occasion though. It was cozy laying there under the same blanket, I started to inch my way towards her. Almost half way through the movie our bodies finally touched.
She turned her gaze towards me. I looked down.

Suddenly I felt my head pulled by the hair. She made it straight for my lips. I was struck by lightening, everything was happening so fast. Here I was beside her wanting to touch her and now she was passionately kissing me all over.

“will the medicine shop be open now dearie? “

Medicine shops-protection- yes they must be its just 10 in the night. My head started buzzing. I nodded few times and went out to look for rubber.

I crossed Vijay and Sudarshan medical store but both of them had a large sign hung saying “Condoms out of stock”. Even stranger, I crossed four more shops with the same sign. How is this possible, food can wait but not sex. I sped towards the main road. There were so many medicine shops that my head started to whirl. And each one of them said “Out of stock”

“Hey watch the road!!”

Bad idea standing in the middle of the road.

Damn, was I in the hospital..things finally came into focus. The doorbell kept ringing. I had fallen from my bed. I had hurt my head a bit. I opened the door. There she stood smiling at me.

“Sorry I was caught up with something”

Some days are really confusing I tell you.

“Ya”- I murmered.

“will the medicine shops be open now dearie?”

I stood there, mouth gaping open.

“I guess you can find a bandage in Pooja stores below also. Go fix your head while I change. And stop falling from your bed. I hear you every other morning. Silly”- she giggled and went inside.


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