November 13, 2009

Dressed To Kill

Dashing, his simple looks
Resplendent is his attire
Eyes capture his moves
Straying to his clothes
Speechless they are now
Everyone can only watch
Desiring that dress sense

Takes the breath away
Outfit so well kept

Keep away from him
Ironic it is perhaps
Looks that once shocked
Live now to kill

For: Acrostic Only
I Blog At: Figments of Imagination


  1. Hmm... ! In some way this poem invokes curiosity ! I mean you are like really curious to see that character in person !! Nice one !!

  2. do you also dress that way? seems you do...:)

    i dunno but am curious....lemme me see when i will tonight be a vampire...:)

  3. ohh Leo..u're dressed to also getin curious..:P

  4. @sp, thank u

    @mads, haha.i'll kill with my looks alright :P but more out of shock i think!

  5. @thoorika, thank u! it does have that mystery going doesn't it?

    @amity, haha :P i'll keep garlic and mirrors ready! :P

  6. I like Acrostics and more so, when Vinu writes them :)

  7. Now this is a very unique twist on the prompt, and my oh my, I wouldn't want to meet this person.


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