November 1, 2009

For those who don't dance

(some nice moments)

"What is it about those dance classes that you're still hanging on to them??"

One of my school friends asked me this one question today! Of course, she doesn't know even a bit of having something like a "dance class" existing in your life. I wish I could tell her what it meant. But when she asked me, I just said, "Leave it! It'll take a lot of time."

So I decided to write it out here. Hopefully, she'll read this and understand. And yeah... this one's for all those who cannot dance or just don't dance or the ones who love dance but are too shy..

My dance class. Sushant Lok-1, Gurgaon. One helluva crazy house! My dance class... the best place to hang out. It was just the right place for a bunch of crazy girls who needed to vent out more than required!
A dance class is more than just learning different forms of dance. It, very suddenly, becomes a home away from home. You eagerly wait for the clock to turn 7 so you can show off your stretching skills in front of the new people! Those who go to dance classes, would know exactly what I am talking about.

It is about clicking over a hundred pictures everyday. It is about irritating your dance coach to the extent that he punishes you with an extra hour of learning the routine. It is about making insane friends, who promise you that they'll be right there to spoil your sleep so that you don't forget that you had to give them a treat because you finally got the move right!!! It is about having that feeling of belongingness when you're with your dance buddies... And specially for a girl like me who doesn't have many friends at school. It is about laughing at your coach when he makes that funny face while trying to get your dance step right. It is about singing while dancing... and singing even during breaks... It is about gossipping about that weird girl who, somehow, always manages to impress the coach with her better learning skills... It is about expressing what you feel through moves. It is about keeping quiet while you're trying really hard to get the technique right! It is about getting clicked when you're splitting.

It is about broken nails... broken ankles... and ruptured tissues.... It is about falling down on the floor so hard that your nose starts bleeding. And above all, it is about Dance! It is about living each moment as it comes... It is about respecting each other's talent.

If you don't dance, then start it. Coz you are missing on a LOT. (:

I'm joining back again! (:


  1. i could feel the same for my aerobics class though i never cud make friends there.. but i still remember the small celebrations i had on my own wen i finally learnt a routine .. :)

    and m too joining gain this weekend :D

  2. you haven't seen me dance yet babes..
    so you really think you can dance??

  3. God bless i am a great dancer...can give few lessons to any!

  4. I AM LIKE A CAMEL/....can't shake my leg to anything

    but reading this post i'mt hinking of joining salsa classes...

    i always wanted to do tht dance!

  5. OMG!I so loved this post of urs girl;)
    May b cuz me n my friends jus do wat u have written.. Love to dance like crazy :P;)


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