November 15, 2009

..broken wings..

..I sat on the window with the broken wings..
..with pieces of shattered dreams in hands.. tears drenched my soul..
.. and my failure broke me whole.. a looser I sat on the window with the broken wings..
..I saw the sun smiling..
..I saw the birds creeping..
..I saw the flowers blooming,I saw the people roaming.. one looked at me with the broken wings in my hands..
..I looked at seventh sky from where I fall.. high above I reached and fall..
..I am all broke will I reach there again..
..A drop fall from my eye on my hand..
..smiled at me,"You already know how to reach there again"
..I opened my broken wings to give a last try.. pained a lot and it hurt a lot..
..wings opened in the vast sky..
..inhaled the air of hope..flapped higher..
..and I was flying again I was smiling again..
..I always knew how to reach there..
..then why I feared just because I fall..
..then why I felt I couldn't fly again..
..I turned back to look at the window..
..where now laid broken pieces of my fear... I am no more scared of my broken wings..
..I can fly high with my hope with my faith..
..I can fly high even with my broken wings..
..even with my broken wings..


  1. Imagination filled up with emotion of sadness, a want to cry and fly . . a sad start but an end with a hope. A flood of sad poem on this blog!

  2. A lament of frustration but anointed with Hope! Beautiful piece. Lovely Poem Vidisha.


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