November 15, 2009

Colors of Life..:)

heyy..this one is dedicated to my little to spend time with them, they r the best pals one could have.. they can make your day..can be the best stress busters esp when frustration is on nerve..:) ..their life is full of joy n glory, so simple, yet the desire to conquer the world..their company can take u back to the best phase of your life, the one which u've left, here I go..

A bouquet of thanks to Almighty, the Creator,
for he send on this earth, the lovely creatures.

their every action deserves a hug, a kiss,
they are the God's miracles, his greatest bliss.

those innocent faces,
on which the smile embraces,
giving puzzling looks with anxiety in traces.

they're naive, the're curious,
take a second turning furious.

spreading joy wherever they go,
with sparkling eyes and enthu they owe.

they love to play with young, play with old,
for they have the heart of gold.

they make u dance, make u sing.
live in the world of fantasy,
teddy, dolls n chocolates make them crazy.
dimple chin, they have chubby cheek,
insisting u to play ringa-ringa roses nd hide n seek.
bursting laughter nd weepy woes,
for this is the language they ought to know.

all they need is warmth of affection,

for they are the splashes of felicitation,

for they are the Colors of Life,

disseminating the rejoice in rife..

A very Happy Children's Day to all..!!!


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