October 8, 2009

Blogging 101

This blog post is my advice for everyone who blogs.

1.Getting subscribers

The way to get subscribers is networking.
If you are a new blogger, best way to mingle with like minded bloggers is through memes.

Basically you have to participate in the meme,link up your blog through the Mcklinky and go and visit others blogs who have linked up.
With in no time, you will see some very nice comment luv.

Here are some memes i am mentioning:

For poems:

My most favorite is
One Single Impression
I try participating each week.
The poets there are very friendly, encouraging and sweet.

Others are
Totally Optional Prompts

Memes for Poems/ Stories/short piece/blog post etc

Sunday Sribblings

Heads or Tails

Carry on Tuesday

ABC Wednesday

Three Word Wednesday

There are some more very easy memes to participate

One very high yield is

Wordless wednesday is at several blogs..
@5 minutes of mom@Go Graham Go
@Jolly Mom@Momspective@Smart Cents Mom

All you need is a fun picture on your blog and you are ready to mingle...try this ..it is very high yield..

There are more...phew..

Wordful Wednsday

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Theta Mom Thursday

Six Word Saturday

2. Backlinks

Ok so now you have mingled and done the preliminary networking( yeah! preliminary...you have not reached twitter yet? have you?)

Now you get all excited and start linking up every one on your blogroll.
Mentioning them on your blogposts.
Giving and getting awards.

Slow down folks

Go to Google Blog Search

search for link:http://www.yourblogname.com/

How many links show up?
Very few?

there is a subscription option there..
subscribe it to your reader
this way whenever you get a backlink, you will know.

Do not try with yahoo webmasters and other folks as they show up 'no follow' backlinks too.

What is 'no follow'
well that is a html tag that webmasters use so that when google bot is evaluating your website for pagerank...it will not follow the link.
Yep! we humans can follow.It might even be indexed on technorati but it will not be followed.
Too many external links are not good.
On the other hand too many inblound links are awsome!

You can learn all about how to add no follow code here.

Some people add no follow tag as a meta tag but i feel that is very dangerous as nothing ,absolutely nothing, is ever followed from your website.I do not think, you want that!Hence doing it with each individual link is better.

3. Frame of mind

It is very important to know.. why are you blogging?

I wish that i had figured it out myself.
I have not.
My aim till this day remains to monetize my blog.
I want to be able to do reviews, giveaways and run ads on my blog.
My problem is the theme of my blog.
I am yet to figure out whether to have one blog and add everything there.
Or have three seperate blogs like i have now!
But from what i have seen of successful bloggers, they have it figured out hence they are so successful.

4. Technorati

Technorati is now not as popular as before but people still like to claim their blogs there.
Also technorati does not recognize 'no follow' tags hence if you link up someone on your blog post, it shows up as a blog reaction at technorati and people LOVE blog reactions.
Also technorati top 100 blogs are reflection, of what themes are popular nowadays.
What widgets and plugins one must have on their blog.
We do not want to look old and haggard , do we?

5. Sidebar

Do you still have blogroll on your sidebar?
Look around..
How many 'in' people do?
They set up 'i stalk them' or 'linky love' pages and put them up as seperate pages..
Because when you have a list of blogoll on your side bar
Google identifies it as a link for each new post.
Think of how many external links you must have generated?
Now you know why you have 0 pagerank after 2 years of blogging?
good for you!!

Ok now if you go to my group blog , you will see it as a sidebar blogroll.
But if you go to my personal blog , you will not see it!

Because that is the entire purpose of the group blog! to give everyone linky love!
BUT my peronal blog is very stingy me!
I think 10 times before adding a follow link there.

Ok so you will say..hah! she has page rank 0..
that is because i shifted to wordpress.org in mid august.
i write very few posts there.
we are supposed to write 1 0r 2 a day to get high page rank.
But that is ok...slow and steady wins the race!

WOW!this was probably my longest and most honest post!

PS:Hi weirdo stalker!How are you?Hope you went to a Psychiatrist and joined Alcoholic Anonymous!I hope you realize , your delusionally made PS does not exist?


  1. thanks fr the info.... it will be useful for new bloggers for sure

  2. thank you for your kind comments!

  3. thanks leo..

    this blog was an eye opener for me...
    i have decided that i need to be in a 'better frame of mind' to be a successful blogger.

    i have decided to add all the mydoublestandards + circle of friends + wl content to tslp..

    i changed its theme too..i am in love with tslp again...after ignoring it for half a month!

  4. Nice info...it will help me..Thank you :)

  5. Hi, visiting from BPOTW! :) Great advice. I hadn't thought about that blogroll thing before. Thanks :)

  6. I thought I'd learned quite a bit, but I certainly have more to figure out. I appreciate your generous sharing of your knowledge!

    I would love to reciprocate in some way, so if you're interested in fun tales of life in strange places, allow me to entertain you with the stories of my (mis)adventures abroad on my blog:

    Tales of the Globetrotting Life

  7. This will be useful to a lot of new bloggers :)

  8. thank you for your encouraging comments everyone..

  9. wow...

    what a very informative post...

    maybe when i have the luxury of time, i heed to your pieces of advice....

    have a nice day fellow cyber angel...:)


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