October 22, 2009

Theta Mom Thursday

As a mother of twin girls, let me tell you, taking time out is hard.
If everyone in the house is down with fever, and cough, it becomes even more difficult.

Inspite of this, i managed to take out time for myself on sunday for 2 hours.
We had called cleaning services, after all the Diwali fun, to clean up the house.
Hubby took the girls with him during that time to be away from all the harsh chemicals cleaners use.
Someone had to be in the house, so i stayed back.
I used the time to get organized.
I organized things which i never get the time to do usually. It gave me a sense of power and control.
Let me tell you, basement in our house is hubby's territory.So to be able to go to a walkin closet and have complete control over its stuff is difficult in our house.
I also kept all my diwali stuff in one place.

I hope that i do not come off as a dork but that is what i did and felt good about! lol!


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  1. That IS a great time out Shraddha! Sometimes organizing makes you feel so in conrol and ready to take on the next task. When I do this in my own home, I feel better about the day! Thanks so much for joining us! Loving this blog, btw! Never knew you had it!

  2. I would want the basement! No fair hubby gets it, put a big piece of tape straight down the middle!

  3. Organizing is awesome it gives me a real sense of accomplishment, but it really is something you have to do ALONE. So glad you took advantage of that time.

  4. I LOVE organizing, I think it is therapy for me. So need to do it in the garage but everytime I look out there I am like crap that is alot of stuff out there LMAO...

    If your dork, then I am definitely a dorkus LOL..

    Have a good day!

    Happy Timeout thursday!\

  5. oh ya and thank you for coming by my blog :)

  6. good .. to have time for yourself .... You've twins??? wow... I wanted to have twins after I get married :) :):) one gal and one boy.... will pray for that :) you also pray for me okay??? :) :)

  7. Glad you had your time out! Sometimes mine is when I am mowing the yard, with winter around the corner, Im going to miss that.

  8. That is a great time out. I feel the same way when i finally get to organize. It really makes you feel good and in power of your life!

  9. hmmm...seems territory is territory...

    but taking the courage to invade your hubby's territory is sure victory on your part, ...:)

    thanks for the gift of pics Shrads...:)

  10. Getting organized helps you feel in control of things. As for twins, I have boy/girl twins, they're 3 now, and time to organize is something I aspire for. Glad you got some time out!


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