October 14, 2009

She is in Love

She was trying to called him up.
The Call operator said " Your call is on wait. Please stay on the line or try again later".
It was 12.15 A.M. After trying two and three times she hung up.

After 5 minutes message came " yaa say, wt happen!!"

She replied "Nothing as much, just wanna talk to you...btw whom u was talking to at mid night??"

He replied "was talking to my girl friend.."

She was shocked n angry too...with these feelings she messaged her " Really?? "

He replied "Yes, Do you have any problem??"

This reply pinched her heart. She knew that he was trying to tease her but on the other she was really getting hurt. She replied " yes i do have....n i have the same problem which u have when i talked to any other guy....understood?? btw u carry on....wont disturb u again.."

He replied " Thank you!!"

She started crying and not only crying infact she was burst into tears...She don't know what is wrong with her. Why is she crying?? But tears were not ready to stop...Something was hurted her so much...A only thought came into her mind was " When tears came out with reason it means you have some problem but when it comes out without reason that means you are in Love."

With a heavy heart she messaged him again " Do u really have a gf ?? "

He replied " You are asking me this question again. u had asked it already end number of times. You know me so well den also..."

She read her message and was all silent as she has realised that SHE IS IN LOVE.


  1. BHeautiful feel!! Loved it...wish there were more!

  2. sad ..bt i shd say that ur improving nd m glad fr that....:)

  3. hmmm....i can relate to it...

    that's life, you can't have all what you want...:)

  4. hmm the girl should keep the phone busy too. :P

  5. Hey Riya,

    I loved your post...the genuineness in it. :) Sad post, but as Amity says...you can't have all that you want. :)

  6. Nyx

    Thank you n ya m agreed that we can't have all that we want . It's Life :)

  7. hmmmm.... really sad 4 the gal...r all guys the same I wonder...??they all hv double standards...!!

    nice work..keep writing.. :)

  8. Urvashi

    don't know abt all...may be dey all are same btw Thank you :)


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