October 14, 2009

The perfect date

writing here after a long time so I hope this sounds good. :)

His long nose could not hide the sad eyes. He fumbled with his mobile and finally threw it on the couch.

"What's the matter? You had the ideal date today. something went wrong?"

"It was perfect man, I have asked less gorgeous girls for dinner but they just say hey maybe next time, this and that. This girl just says 'why not' I loved her spontaneity."

"Then why are you disturbed?"

"It was a great evening. we talked about so many things. Then it started raining"

"So she complained about getting wet and did some tantrums??"

"No she loved getting wet. And what a sight she made all drenched. I can swoon even now"

"Are you like a manic depressed soul. All this is happy."

"I know but she showed something while leaving"

His voice trailed off..

I waited for him to finish off. God this guy loved climax in everyday conversations too. I was getting late for my party.

"How can she show a great big pic of her and some guy standing huddled and ask me to guess who the guy was?"- He sounded hurt.

"Oh..."- I started.

"Let me finish here please."-he interrupted.
"'That would be your brother'I asked and I looked into her eyes for signs of agreement"

"So it was her boyfriend"- I thought the story was complete.

"I guess I will always be single"- he smiled.

I am not into hugging people that much, but somehow that day I gave him a big sloppy hug. Things would be ok, that's all the consolation I had to offer.


  1. Abhri

    The disposition for the protagonist was perfect.. a good samartian act...nice work.


  2. as a consolation for the effort of offering a date, a big hug would be very nice...but for sure would make you sleepless...isn't it?

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  4. Hugs always feel good! :) Nice one Abhri!

  5. @amity let's say the guy is an insomniac :P

  6. Dude,

    Hugs to you! :P

    But a nice compilaion of all the feelings... :) Somehow, I don't know why, but it made such a cute read! :)


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