October 28, 2009

Purple goes PINK for a cause...

Hey Girls....This is just a reminder cum awareness post..

28th of October is the Breast Cancer Day...or The Pink Ribbon Day..

I don't have much time...so shall let you know some important stuffs through the following pics...

These are the current Rates..Imagine you or your close ones are so near to be included in this...

In India..i have noticed that people are hesitant to speak about there body...even in a good way...whereas i will suggest all girls to be aware of their bodies and discuss it with their mom..at least...Better be little outspoken than suffer

Get to know all about it at www.breastcancer.org and let others know about it too....Let there be awareness....Let there be Light...

Together lets...

The least you can do is :

Wear a Pink ribbon, a pink scarf, a Pink Top...carry a Pink bag or go with the Pink shoes..do anything with Pink...and if someone asks...explain them..don't be ashamed...you might become a heroine..

Please pass this message to all :)


  1. nice write...helps in awareness

    on a light side,
    breast cancer....
    i hate the cancer....not the other word :P

  2. nice awareness post.....pls read this post people....

    @ fl gross sale.....even i knw y u like tht word....i still hve that sms with me hehehe

  3. Thanks FL, ste and prats..i hope more and more people read this...awareness is the only way to prevent it

    @FL and Ste..guys this is a public forum x-(

  4. very nicely presented, but the truth is women ARE ashamed to talk about it.

  5. Right said Varun .. women DO NOT often talk of breast cancer ...
    not even to their docs...
    even if the doctor is another lady !

  6. i totally agree with you.. speaking about these things is really important!

  7. Any awareness is only good... Gr8 that u posted this... :)


  8. I have a pink ribbon badge... bought it, but never wore it... thanks to this post I'm going to wear it to raise awareness!

  9. great job, creating an awareness of the beast...:)

    i post an acrostic at AO about BREAST CANCER...!



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