October 13, 2009


Passionate lovers they populate
Admiring the sights while on a date
Reminiscing the times they've been together
In restaurants, parks and the Eiffel Tower
Showing their love to their wonderful mate.

P.S. This is not my piece of work but my son's, the youngest of my three kids who's now 15 years old. I was busy writing a limerick acrostic titled PARIS for Amias Acrostic Only and he was beside me trying to disturb me so I told him, "okay, you write one", and he did. He asked me this morning if I already posted it here, and I told him not yet, but I guess to give him fulfillment, I am posting it now....


  1. fantstic...only 15?....its brilliant!

  2. yah, he did it...maybe someday, he will appreciate it more... am showing it now to him and telling him that you are the first to appreciate him...

    i'll encourage him to write more about simple acrostics...

    thanks Shraddha....:)

  3. thanks to you Princess Nuchu...

    i'll tell him and even show him about your comment...:)

  4. He is just 15? And this is superb dear... ;)

    Please do encourage him to write more... he will only get better! :)

    My best wishes to him... :)

  5. heyy..rlly..he wrote those lines..luvvly ya..amazing..:) soon he'll turn out to b a gr8 poet..do motivate him to write more..amazing creativity..:)

  6. Hello Nyx,

    yah, he's only 15, and as you said, i will try to encourage him to write more and post it here at WL...

    when he was in grade school, he wrote about his fave pet and i was so amazed at how emotional was his piece...

    modesty aside, he's a national champion when he was in the elementary in Copyreading and Headline Writing in English but you know, he's just a kid and he ejoys playing farmville...

  7. Hello Mads,

    yah, that was his work two days ago and was able to post it just a few hours back...

    i will show him all of your comments to his work, this sure would encourage him to write more...:)

  8. Lolz! Even I love playing farmville.. ! but I surely cant come up with such a beautiful piece at my first try! My best wishes to the lil one! :)

  9. Hello Thoorika,

    thank you so much for recognizing the efforts of my son, in fact, he was all smiles when he saw the first few comments last night.



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