October 13, 2009

Oh, Acrostic!

Deep in my sleep
My mind continues
To write acrostic
I don’t know if
I have to panic
Or just be grateful about it.

Subconsciously my mind
Will organize
The thoughts and ideas
I have in mind
And when the morning breaks
My pen and paper lie in wait.

Oh, acrostic
You make my heart tick
That even in my sleep
My mind is writing
An acrostic. 


  1. So you keep thinking about what what acrostic to write next? Good way to keep ur mind occupied.. cuz as we all know "Idle mind is devil's workshop" :)

    Good one btw :)

  2. thanks Meow,

    maybe it must have been better if I have written it in an acrostic way...

  3. Wow.....such a beautiful poem about Acrostic....!!! I am a fan of Acrostics....i love to do them tooo....!!!

  4. Hi Yamini,

    thank you dear...

    yah i really like doing it,

    btw, you can see more of it in my site, care to visit it...



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