October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Pratsie..!!

Hey Pratsie, I think it’s been a year now since we got to know each other. I remember the first time I visited your blog through one of those Orkut communities. It is needless to say I was kind of mesmerized by what I read. I mean, I read good poetry from a lot of people around, but somehow for reasons unknown to me, what you write strikes me. I relate ; I enjoy. The best part is, it was only getting better by the day.

It was sometime then, that the big thing happened. You joined WL while I became active here and so did many others. I guess, it was the best thing that happened to so many of us here. Posts flooded as we all bonded. It will always remain special, the first meeting with you, my first meeting with any blogger. The charming person that you are, the lively one that you are, your company is something to be cherished.
I hope you miss your stops more often so that we can have those walks. ;)

I never really know how to write or express such stuff, but I wanted to write something for your birthday and here I am. Thank you Pratsie, you are a gem in this jewel box called Writers Lounge; You are a teacher in this school called Writers Lounge. Haha.. chill.. :P

Wishing You a Very Very Very Very Happpy Birthday Prats..!! Have a Gr8 Gr8 life ahead. :)



  1. Happy Birthday Pratsie...!!!
    May all your dreams come true....May all the smiles in the world be with you forever and ever..!!1

  2. A wonderful wish!!! A perfect wish!!:)

    Good job Arjun!

    Happy Birthday Prats dear...

  3. Sweet dedication again.. let your friendship continue forever :)

    Happy Birthday again :)


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