October 28, 2009

A new day...a new dawn

waqt ne di aisi hawa,
ki ghosle ki disha bhulaa di,
raah ne churai meri aas
ki badhne ki chaah mita di...
fir kyon aaj din naya sa hai,
kya phoolon ne hai pukar kari
mali aaj bhi baag seenchta hai,
nayi bahaar aane ko taiyaar khadi ...

the translation in English is somewhat like this-

the wind, the wheel of time that churned
i lost my sense of way back home
the path i walked, stole my hope
and with it the crave to move on...

then why does today seems so new?
is it the flowers that hummed?
the gardener still tends to his duties
waiting for the new season that's to come...

P.S| hindi poem by Pratsie.
A crude attempt by me to translate an outrageously awesome poem to English. 
Forgive me honey for the rough attempt.


  1. Prats...you make life fit into just 8 lines...beautiful :)

    Thumbs up for the translation 2 ;)

  2. This is not crude .. its lovely !!!!! perfect FL ! thanks :) Amity Me will b happy :)

  3. @ purple thorn
    sigh...i wish i could write in hindi like prats, tan da, vidisha and kaj

  4. a great write up prats....keep it up :)

    but whats wrong with teh translation..seriously :P

  5. nice to see soo many posts :) maast

  6. both r good...the hindi one nd its english translation

    superb attempt fl

  7. heyy..wht a b'ful n luvly creation..amazin wrds..both are equally gud..!!!

  8. wow... Lovely..!!

    Kudos to both of u.. :)


  9. muzhe bhi likhna hai hindi mai yaar!

    samay nkialna padega..

  10. @ shradhha
    haha...mujhe toh likhna v nahi aata hindi mein


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