October 24, 2009

My Very First Love

Most of the time, I would meet my love at the library
Yearning to have a wonderful rendezvous and rhapsody                                                    

Visually, I like how my love looks so attractively
Every part is as significant equally
Romantically I would run my fingers all over him
Yet he remains cold and no feelings at all towards me.                                                   

For quite a long time, I acted so much like a fool
Instantly, he became an inseparable part of my whole
Remembering now those times, I wonder how I became so engrossed
Spending so much time and never wanting to lose
Till I would have learned everything I'm so amused.                                                                  

Looking back now on how I spent my life with my first love
Only God knows but I could only smile now
Verily I say, I found a new love one I vow
Ever better than the first one I have somehow.

P. S. To my readers, if you know my new-found love, just put your comments here…I intended not to spell it out here, and am sure you know who my first love is here…I would appreciate each and every comment you will make….:)


  1. Meera,


    yah, you're right...:)

    nice Sunday Meera...:)

  2. Vidisha:

    hi, good morning!

    yap, you guess it right my dear!


  3. Your first love is my love for life..:P..
    Nicely written..:-)..

  4. Hi Amar,

    sorry, but I found a new love now, my first will only be my second now coz i am so very much addicted with my new found love now...:)

  5. everyone out here at WL have that in common :) :D


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