October 24, 2009

2 Point Someone!! - (Season 2)

Note- All characters in the story are fictitious. Though we have used some real names, its just intended for fun. So no hard feelings.:) And thanks to all WL members for supporting us throughout.
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"Happy birthday to you"
"Happy birthday dear Hashan sir" the class buzzed with activity as Hashan sir entered.
"Happy birthday sir," every one screamed in unison.
"Wow!!now this is a surprise sweethearts!," Hashan sir hugged each and everyone in his class.
"You guys made my day,Love you!," he added.

"Sir," RJ said.
"Yes Rj dear," Professor Hashan replied.
"Today you don't take any lectures," Rj said.
"Now this is not fair but ..," Hashan sir said.
Hashan sir asked the new students to introduce themselves.
"Hey Hashan dude! its Abhrajit from WB and you can call me Abhri," Abhrajit ,the new student introduced himself.
Abhrajit was a stylish person and a rockstar who carried the huge guitar everyday while coming to school.RJ and Ste would look at him as he played his guitar.
"Punk rocker he calls himself," RJ used to say to Ste.
"Yes yes! but he plays good music maaan," Ste would say.

"Hello sir,its Urvashi here and I like writing stories,"Urvashi said.
"Riya here !," a girl with a typical North Indian accent said with a low voice.
"Hello Urvashi and Riya!," Hashan sir smiled.

"Meow here!! I mean I my parents love cats and hence they named me Meow!!," a girl with a south Indian accent replied.
"Meow,Meow!!" Rj screamed.

"What about other old students?," Hashan sir asked .
It was long time since Asbah left for Pakistan.Asbah was in India to learn Indian culture but she had to leave the school due to some personal reason.There were many new faces in the Writers Lounge School. Some were really cool and some were naughty. But few big names were missing.Tan sir was still the same young hindi professor who loved his sincere student Chirag.He would take private tuitions for Chirag.Once Rj argued with Tan sir because of this private coaching.But Tan sir didn't pay any heed to Arjuns(RJ) rantings. Professor Riversoul ,the man with 7 gold teeth had to leave the school as someone robbed his 7 gold teeth.Leo sir was still the strict professor.Rashi maa'm had taken a long break from school and took no name of returning back.The school administration had appointed new teachers.Kajal,Amity Me and Shradha were the newly appointed teachers.
Despite of all these there were two insane creatures who were still the same. They were the same nutty RJ and Ste.Prats was the same studios girl sitting on the first bench.Anurag,Aarthi,Heena,Princess Nush and Sonshu were still good friends.There was a new young talent in the school and she was Roshni.Roshni was the youngest of all and was an intelligent student.Priyanka would now medidate under mango tree instead of Banyan tree with her Laptop.She had created a new attendance record last year by breaking her own record of 7% attendance..Sandeep Balan,the principal of Writers Lounge was still the centre of attraction in the school.Rj and Ste would love pulling his legs as they were his good friends.But there was one thing which remained constant throughout and it was his posture.He would still stand at the same posture and peep at Richa and other young girls from his cabin.

More Orangee ,the canteen guy had transformed the school canteen into a cottage.He lived with his family and the entire canteen was painted in Orange as he loved Orange.The school management had actually planned to thrash him out of the school as he forcefully sold oranges to hungry students.

"Any way its enough for today," Hashan sir said.
"Do attend Cilla's (Kajal)lecture," he added and left the class.

"Man this is really boring daaa," RJ said to Ste.
"Yes it is!," Ste replied back.
"And where is Rashmi?," RJ asked Ste.

(to be continued..)


  1. ha ha ha... i like my role in the story as a teacher because i am really a teacher by profession but dunno what am gonna teach this WL students who seem to be more endowed than me, he he he...:)

    am eager for the continuation...:)

    nice day to all WL members, and i am a very proud member you know!


  2. Waiting for the next part... Mr. Solitary Writer :)

  3. haha.. cool.. will try to add some humour.. :)


  4. hmm...cool series..I went thru the previous season posts tooo...Love to b admitted in this school...!!! :)

    waiting 4 the next part..!!

  5. hee hee cool...Thanks for admitting me...waiting for next part :D

  6. waiting for all the students and teachers to be back !! Ste n RJ .. do something guys !! miss my family :)

  7. yayy..2 point someone is back..Now waiting for RJ's pen :D

    Loved it Ste :))

  8. yay I'm in this one :) I'm waiting for the next part!

  9. loved this stibu.. good work..

  10. Arey.. add a lil bit of your humour in this post na!


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