October 9, 2009

Let There Be Light!!

Let us light, tonight a lamp,
To guide, those, in darkness lost,
Hold their hand, and lead them to light.

Let us light, tonight a lamp,
To spread our joy, to them who need it most,
To make them smile, ever bright.

Let us light, tonight a lamp,
To burn away the past, be strong,
To enjoy life, come what may.

Let us light, tonight a lamp,
To ward off evil, do no wrong,
While the sun shines, just make hay.

You can be that light, that shows the way,
Erase a little sorrow; make a heart with joy weep,
Just say with care, with passion and love,
“You are Wonderful” and you can touch hearts deep.

On the festival of lights,
Let us lose, all misery and strife,
Laugh, and make others smile bright,
Let us cheer up, another little life.

Let us light, tonight a lamp.

Hey friends, the festival of lights is just a week away. Let us light up the lounge with words on this wonderful festival. The lounge is open to other posts of course, but let us celebrate Diwali with fireworks of words. :)


  1. this was way fast dude !!! thanks !!! will sure try to join in the celebrations :)

  2. we have our first diwali party tomoorw! yay!!

  3. have fun shraddha ! and share d experience wd us here plz :)

  4. heyy..vry well said ya..luvly poem it was..:) will surely try to join here..it would b a gr8 pleasure..


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