October 9, 2009



United States President Barack Obama has beaten 205 other nominees to win the Nobel Peace Prize-2009 for his so-called "extraordinary efforts in strengthening international diplomacy and for taking landmark initiatives to create a nuclear-free world".

With U.S.A taking the 2nd place in the list of nuclear weapons states only behind Russia, I really wonder what Obama has done in creating a nuke-free world.U.S has 2623 active nuclear warheads out of a total 9400 nukes.(Source:wikipedia)
In reality he is trying to create a world where only the United States Of America will posses these powerful weapons.

Now the Norwegian Nobel Committee has become the second prominent institution after the United Nations to accept the dictatorship of the United States and is spinelessly trying to impress her by presenting the Prize for "PEACE" to a man under whose regime the U.S is continuing its assault on millions of helpless Iraqis and Afghans.

Obama has not yet kept his promise to close down the Guantanamo Bay and I don't think he will ever do it.The U.S military is still using Iraq as a "testing ground" for their latest weapons, Afghanistan as an "bombing arena" for their latest bombers and Guantanamo Bay-"the modern day Colosseum" for entertaining the CIA.

If the Nobel Peace Prize can be awarded to U.S President Barack Obama under whom the U.S military is continuing its brutal war crimes and its assault on human rights, then the dictator from the past-Adolf Hitler has got the right qualification to posthumously win the Nobel Peace Prize-2010.

My only request to the Norwegian Nobel Committee :
"Please don't commit ridiculous acts in the name of one of the greatest men who have walked upon this Earth - ALFRED NOBEL".
(pictures of Iraq War & Torture by U.S military personals)

Originally posted in THE SPARK
by Vishnu Seelan.


  1. I strongly agree to the views here ! Obama doesnt generate that respect for himself a nobel prize winner MUST have !!

  2. are you confusing Bush with Obama?

    Bush has done too much damage in 8 years...Obama rules!

    Woohoo! for Obama!

  3. gandhi dint get a peace nobel. yasar arafat and obama get it.i have no belief in this whole nobel thing.free

  4. i agree with you! a very informative and motivating post!

  5. @ Shraddha@theselfloveproject :

    I am not confusing obama wid bush.I am just trying to say dat Obama has done all the talking but has not put anythng into action.
    Has he shut down Guntanamo Bay?, Has he withdrawn troops frm Iraq & Afghanistan? The answer is a big "NO".Instead he is planning to sent 40,000 more troops to Afghan.
    Does this man deserve a Nobel for Peace?

    My advice to Obama:
    "Stop barking & Start Biting"

  6. Simple theory..Different people..Different opinions..For some people he's a no one..For some a hero..Moreover i think the person in power is blamed for every shit..And awarded for some other shit..For some people Gandhiji's non-violence is peace..And for some obama's method's are peace..May be for the committee..Obama was right..It's all shit..In my opinion this whole award for peace is bullshit..No one can ever decide who's right..Who's bringing peace..What may be peace for one may not peace for the other..Screw this thing..!!


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