October 29, 2009

I got inspired by WIth Or Without You...

Hey everyone! Long time no post huh? Well I got inspired while making a special mixed CD... put the song With or Without You on it and thought 'Hmm... what would it be like being without someone special?'

It would be pure misery

Way worse than visiting a cemetery

I can't define in full words

Just in some keywords


A bit like air sickness

When you feel like there's nothing to live for

Life becomes a bore

Don't you think?

I do... that's why I'm using this writing ink? Well, I'm actually using a keyboard, but think rhymes with writing ink :P

Did this remind you of anything or anyone? Bye! More in a few days time :D

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  1. Hello Roshni, MIss Light,

    know what? i posted a comment here already very early in the morning but it's not here, maybe, I was not able to click on it.

    beautifully written but on a sad note...

    we treasure a loved one when they're gone...but while they are around, let's show them how we care...

    and loneliness is such a lonely word...

    just write, makes us feel better!

    i like your signature here, wish you could help me have one as "Amity Me", can you?

    thanks and have a nice day!


  2. see the stone set in your eyes
    see the phone twist in my side
    i'll wait for you
    sleight of hand and twist of fate
    on a bed of nails she makes me wait

    oh i love this song
    great write rosh... y do i have this feeling that you might have got hold of a boifrnd over there...hehe

    SONA...watch out!! :P

  3. no words can express the feeling .. but still we move on .. :)


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