October 30, 2009

Terrific Traffic...

Within every nerve andn all the clots,
am overloaded with jus thoughts.
Clumsy topics accumulating my mind,
To which there's no escape,no hide.
Be it in the bed, or wandering on roof,
My mind doesn't leave me aloof.
Without any signal,without any horn
This traffic has no dusk,no morn.
When I wanna be at my best,
These hefty thoughts don't let me rest.
Pricking pain and Tickling brain,
Zillion of ideas, how to drain.
Awestruck, a thought struck, fearin brainsick,
Poor me with this Terrific Traffic..!!!


  1. when voices in ur head become too loud..u must listen to them.. :P

    no other way they will go...

  2. lols
    i loved the heading and the write ofcoz
    erm...don't use sms lingo while posting ok..takes the charm away

  3. I guess very one experiences this ... well written !! loved it !

  4. Very simple thing like traffic lead to so many thoughts na??


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