October 29, 2009

" ..I have no luck, I dont miss it all that much..!"

Mystery blues hit me hard,
Oh! I found my mirror in shards,
I look into the shards,
I try to unearth the truth,
and wonder If I am any purposeful.

Its yet another drag-a-day,
I wish some one would just sing a "say"
I don't believe the Fortune Teller,
She lies, and says "It may".

They say life is full of surprises,
I say life is unfair.
They say nothing remains same,
I say Life is a sordid game.
But I don't know who to blame..!

I hold all the threads together,
Trying not to let go.
My grip being more stronger,
Sweaty brows and I tug more harder.

My will is good,
but its damn hard to fit in.
Why are people always in waning mood?
The answers for which I need to dig in.

Is life stranger than fiction?
Is it like some kind of suction?
From which I emerge tired and drained,

I hope the heavens send in their rains,
With all answers in them..


  1. Life is stranger than fiction gal
    it sure makes us dance to its rhythm

  2. This was so very cool !! loved reading it .. so grt to read you again :)

  3. This is FANTABULOUS but bit philosophical too like written in some frustration

  4. life is such a trying existence, but that is life, good or bad, happy or sad, if we are still breathing, we have to live by what it could give us...

    have a nice day...:)

  5. nice one... was thinking in the same lines a few days back!!
    but one day we find at least some of the answers....
    very nicely put...


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