October 4, 2009

..how com..

lips touched and
hearts melted within the warm hug
dreams heaped their eyes
time halted there right
air stood silent
stars hide inside the dark curtains
clouds encircled their emotions
dropped tears from their eyes
moon blinked,trees whispered
all gathered on that lonely street
eagerly watched as their soul united
rain came happily down pouring them
thunder and lightning danced in complete bliss
their eyes opened as the warmth raised heights
realizing what they did in haste
they moved apart with eyes wide
their lips stammered
how com , they came so close
breaking all barriers of world
ashamed and guilt lingered their heart
speechless hiding their face
they turned back slowly
moved away as if they did some crime
leaving behind the trace of moment
that prevailed love within their hearts
just for a while..


  1. ooh fantastic!
    but that photo is just WRONG!...just kidding...lol!

  2. hmmm...nice rendering and the pic is soooo....romantic!

  3. nice romantic lines filled with passion n fervor.. keep up d spirit..


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