October 16, 2009

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali… May the festival of lights lighten your lives and hearts and may Maa Kali bless all of you with love, prosperity and happiness.

Tomorrow is Kali Puja, and also Diwali (or Deepawali) celebrated all over India and by Indians all over the world. This year, Diwali just got a bit more colorful and brighter with its inception in the White House, USA. President Barak Obama is celebrating Diwali this year. The news channels showed him lighting the lamp already and a pundit chanting slokas, “Asotoma Sat gamaya, Tamosoma Jyotir gamaya, Mrityurma Amritam gamaya.” I hope he has remembered to tell Prez Obama the meaning of the words. The news of the Nobel prize came in good time it seems!

Anyways, let the world celebrate Diwali this time and let the festival fill the world with lights. This year it’s a Saturday and we are planning to lit diyas and fire crackers. Does anyone know where I can go to fetch some crackers in Bangalore? Well, by the time you read this, I must have bought some. So, never mind :P

Well, let me wish you all a grand Diwali this year. It is also New Year time for the North Indians. So, wish you all a very happy new year too; and the worship Devi Laxmi on this day. May the goddess Laxmi fill your lives with light, colors and gold coins. Gold coins remind me of Dhanteras! Happy Dhanteras to all of you :) Go guys go – rush and celebrate the festivity. Don’t waste anymore time in reading me… I really like this time when there are so many festivals all around the world.

And who do you think will win the Champions League T20 cup? Hmm… mmm… ummm… well, I don’t know. I wish the Bangalore Royal Challengers win, but I am afraid the odds are in favor of the Cobras from South Africa. Fingers crossed!

^_^ Happy Diwali ^_^

Happiness to all!


  1. @Amity

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  2. Wishing you and family a very happy diwali. Happy belated birthday dearest Tan. May all your wishes come true.. god bless u.

  3. Hey thanks for the wishes, Sona :)
    I am happy to see YOU wishing me 'birthday' ... thanks thanks thanks :)


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