October 16, 2009

Morning Showers with Gifts of Nature..:)

Mushy mist of clouds,
hazy envelope of dew,
overcasting blanket blue..

Grass is lush green,
soaked in moist of drip,
airing breeze of chill..

Flowers are blooming,
permeating whiff of fragnance,
in colors all frisky..

Birds chirping carol,
flying from nests with flappy wings,
belling hymns of melody..

Sun is yet to come,
with rays all bright and beaming,
showering warmth of blaze.

Pageant of morning,
with miraculous gifts of nature,
exhilarating with vigor..!!!


  1. Hi Mads,

    very nice dear and very well written..

    if you don't mind, what form or type of poetry is this?


  2. heyy..thnx a lott..!!!
    its a haiku style(1 verse havin 3 lines of 5-7-5 syllables..) ..bt here all verses re nt cmplete haikus..i jus tried out..!!!


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