October 29, 2009

Destiny's chit

Ramu stared at his question paper. Twenty questions still blank. He scratched his head and looked at Neha. Got the mean glance. Uttered something under his breath, he didn’t see Mr.Biswas, cry of protest, Neha sobs, Ramu still stares at the question paper. Confusion, the wind, God? Who cared when the answers were before him.


  1. Pappu ...err...Ramu paas ho gaya??? :P

  2. you've written a beautiful poem, though the meaning is as sad,

    roshni, i like your signature here, could you held me create one "Amity Me"..

    love yah!

    nice day dear!

  3. thanks :)

    @amity ..poem!? :P where?


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